Why I’m Hitting on HIIT

I am in a long-term relationship with HIIT workouts. We may even be married. Out of all of the fitness plans I have ever tried, my HIIT workouts have by far been the most effective. I got into the best shape of my life doing “Bodyrock Bootcamp” workouts with Lisa Marie (bodyrock youtube), and since then I have had a love for creating my own High Intensity Interval Training Workouts. The reason these are so effective is because they work EVERY muscle in your body, in an intense bout of exercise. The key is to remember that it is a short period of time so you must go all out. This is not a two hour long weight session in the gym. This workout is meant to push your limits, test your boundaries, and increase your endurance while at the same time energizing you for the rest of your day. It does wonders in speeding your metabolism, shedding fat, and building lean muscle. Ideally, you can incorporate weights into some of the exercises or end with a weights burnout. You should SWEAT when you do these workouts. I cannot wait to share some of my own creations every week with you!


Today I introduced one of my good friends to these workouts. We ran to the beach nearby and did it outside, which is way more thrilling than being a gym! You can really do these workouts anywhere. It was an hour and a half long endeavor and we ended the workout with some failed attempts at acro yoga, but it was still an absolute blast! In Denmark working out outside is completely normal–they even have outdoor gyms and parkour structures set up around the beach. What a world! The beach was packed with people at a toasty 70 degrees and the sun does not go down until 9:30 PM right now, which leaves no excuses for skipping a workout!


Another thing that struck me: a single workout can turn your whole outlook around. After dragging my feet all day because it had been so long since a proper workout, my friend and I fed each other with motivation and we had the best workout. Afterwards all of my goals seemed attainable again! Stay positive, keep with it, and don’t give up because it IS worth it and simply takes consistency 🙂


Intuitive Exercise

Does you body ever just feel like it is rejecting you? You have a cold that won’t let go, exhaustion but can’t sleep, and your mind is craving a workout but your legs feel like lead? That is how you know it is time for a day…or two…gasp, THREE days off! Intuitive eating means you honor your physical cues over your emotional or mental cravings. Yes, exercise means mental toughness and pushing past your body’s limits, but sometimes we really need to listen to our bodies and give it a rest! Your stomach growls when you are hungry, your body tells you when you need to pee, but when we are dragging, tired, sick, and no have energy left, we usually push through and try to complete the workout plan anyways. The truth is, if you take a rest, you will probably have a much, much better workout the next day, which basically cancels out your day off! Your muscles have time to recover and rebuild, and rather than having an extended period of mediocre workouts you can get back to your usual high intensity much sooner.

I have literally been sick for 4 weeks with some kind of sinus infection / cold / virus (a typical state of mine throughout study abroad), and I have been trying to suck it up and push through in order to continue my workout consistency. But when I kept getting worse I decided enough was enough so I have not exercised in 3 days (besides a lot of biking–it is Denmark after all)! I am really itching to get back to it but I am already starting to feel better. Instead, I spent the evening at Tivoli (a famous amusement park in Copenhagen), listening to a wonderful up and coming artist, Jada, with some friends! So take care of yourselves people, listen to your bodies, and practice intuitive exercise 🙂 


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A photo of me on my rest day meeting my favorite up and coming Danish artist, Jada!
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The Bike Home!


Instagram has been trying to get me to go to this little joint for awhile now. At first I was skeptical, one because it was sketchy how they knew my love for bougie-hipster-vegan-colorful brunch places that serve food on a wooden cutting board, and two because the photos I had seen online looked too good to be true.

I was again reminded that there is no such thing as “too good to be true” in Copenhagen. Not only did I stumble upon a gorgeous cemetery with lucious gardens and chirping birds on the way (Assistens Cemetery), but when I arrived at the restaurant tucked away on a pleasant little side street in Nørrebro, the aesthetic was so pleasing I almost turned around and walked out.

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Me in Assistens Cemetery

I met my friend at the cute, rustic little cafe and we both decided on the Vegan Brunch, which was a hefty $26 each (165 kr) for two college students. But I knew that I had to invest, if I went didn’t go all out I would regret it and end up going back, only to spend twice as much. I had seen the pictures taken by other foodies and I knew the risk would be worth it.

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And it was. It would have been worth it even if we had not ingested it. The most interesting was the chickpea waffle, more savory than expected but perfectly crispy and hot. The hummus was a deligtfully dense consistency, the beetroot pesto paired perfectly with the rye bread, and the fig compote completed me. The crackers made of seeds were so buttery they crumbled in your hands, and the chia porridge was thick, nutty, and a beautiful purple hue. My one complaint is that the avocado could have been a bit more doctored up with salt and pepper, and the acai bowl would have tasted better if it were cold. However, that may have been my fault as I saved it for last my friend and I took about 45 minutes to eat what we could on the plate. Despite eating so slowly though, we left the restaurant the perfect level of full, which fueled us for a glorious bike ride the rest of the afternoon for some shopping on Jægersborggade and a stroll in Frederiksberg Gardens. I know I will be back here someday, and you should as well! Below is the description on the website.


The Vegan breakfast plate

Mint and ginger marinated fruits. Half an avocado served w/ salt and pepper, and a salad of the day with green herbs. Chickpea waffle with homemade hummus, beetroot pesto and homemade “tuna” mousse made from seaweed.Freshly baked bread with fig compote. Homemade raspberry chia porridge, served fresh berries and almonds. Acai bowl with fruit, nuts, and pollen


Pancake Perseverance

Without going into too much detail with my pancake disasters in the past, let’s just say that they are nearly always too thin, too flaky, stick to the pan, burn on the outside while remaining gooey on the inside, etc. etc. I have been torn down, crumpled up, and thrown away by my earnest attempts at healthy pancakes.


Well, if you are now invested, sharing a smidgen of concern for my self confidence and mental wellbeing, you will be thrilled to find out I have finally become acquainted with a recipe that does not build my hopes up only to destroy me when it comes time to flip the batter. It actually came from a dear friend of mine who I owe my my redeemed sense of self esteem to. If you’re not utterly bored by this introduction, scroll down for the magical recipe I like to call Pancake Perseverance 🙂



1.5-2 bananas

2 whole eggs (have yet to experiment with egg whites, coming soon)

½ cup – 1 cup of oats



Honey or stevia to taste

Optional: apples (in the photo I used ½ an apple chopped up)



Mash everything except the add ins together

Add the apples and stir

Head nonstick (important) skillet to medium heat with a dash of coconut oil

Sprinkle on the batter into the shape of your liking

Cook until you feel satisfied inside

Flip and serve!

Most importantly, enjoy and have fun with it! And eat mindfully! (More on this later)


Hello and welcome to my blog! This is something I have dreamed of creating for years and I am finally getting around to it. I suppose I could beat myself up for this but instead I am choosing to be grateful. Grateful for the extra time I have been able to spend growing as a person. Developing my photography skills, compiling nourishing recipes, testing out vigorous workouts, and (currently) galavanting throughout Europe! I look forward to sharing my passion for health, fitness, nutrition, intuitive eating, mindfulness, travel writing, photography, positive psychology, and much more with you. Thank you for visiting and feel free to follow my colorful journey on Instagram as well.